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How to search education and work records

Discover more about your ancestors’ professions and studies in a variety of education, apprenticeship and work records dating as far back as the 1500s. Educational and professional records can be an invaluable source of information about when (and where) your relatives went to college, and how they made the family fortune.

To search these records you need to go to 'Search' at the top navigation bar and then select 'Education and Work' from the drop down menu. You can then filter your search further by selecting the record type on the left hand side, you get options such as:

*Civil Service
*Colonial Service

We have a wide, and growing range of records available, designed to help you discover the details of where your UK ancestors were educated, what skills and occupations they had.

With our powerful search tools, there's no better place to find your ancestors than on Findmypast. When you search, your results will appear as a list of individual names making it easy to find who you're looking for.

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