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How to search workhouse and poor law records

Workhouses, as you can imagine, were less than salubrious establishments created to support those who had fallen upon hard times by supplying them with both accommodation and employment. These records also include information about workhouse discharges and cover the period 1675-1911. Findmypast have also published around 40,000 records of births, baptisms, deaths and burials in Cheshire's workhouses

The name of the person you are searching for may not be recorded in the way you expect. Henry John Davies, for example, may have been recorded as Henry Davies, Henry J Davies, H Davies, or even H J Davies. We would therefore suggest that you initially search using their last name only. If you receive too many results, you can then add a first name to narrow them down.

We’ve added an ‘Include variants’ tick-box next to the ‘Last name’  and 'First Name' field to allow for common differences in spelling or incorrect spelling. To search these records, if you go 'Search' in the main navigation bar and then select 'Institutions and Organisations' from the drop down menu. Once your on this page you can select 'Workhouse and Poor Law' on the left hand side.

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