Find your ancestors in Yorkshire, Leeds burials 1895 - 1921

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Each record contains the transcription of an original. The information contained varies, but you could be able to find out the following about your ancestor:

  • Name
  • Year of birth
  • Year of death
  • Date of burial
  • Age
  • Parish
  • Residence
  • Plot number of the grave

Discover more about Leeds burials

There are 10,269 records in this collection taken from the gravestones and memorials in Holbeck cemetery in Leeds.

Holbeck Cemetery opened in 1857, the third municipal cemetery to open in Leeds after the 1853 Burial Act. The Act allowed the establishment of publicly funded cemeteries throughout England to ease the pressure on parish churchyards. The cemetery covers 10 acres looking down over the city of Leeds. It cost £7,000 to build and is a typical Victorian cemetery. The cemetery was closed to general burials in the 1940s.

Holbeck is a suburb of Leeds in the West Riding of Yorkshire in the north of England. In the mid 19th century Holbeck was one of the most densely populated areas of Leeds, having grown hugely as a result of the Industrial Revolution. The area was full of flax mills and ironworks. By 1834 Holbeck was described as “the most crowded, most filthy and unhealthy village in the country.” Slum clearances began in 1900.