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What can these records tell me?

<>These records are notes compiled from marriages licenses recorded by Dublin diocese 1732-1800 and marriage notices that appeared in Exshaw's Magazine 1741-1800 & Hibernian Magazines 1771-1800 , so the details will vary from one record to the next. The following information is generally present:
  • Name
  • Marriage Date/Year
  • Address (place, county and country)
  • Occupation
  • Spouse name
  • Spouse occupation/condition
  • Spouse address
  • Manuscript: series
  • Item: Volume within the series
  • Original record: link to the image [hosted externally]
  • Navigate to page: page number
  • Archive: The National Library of Ireland
The images may provide additional details about your ancestor such as names of your ancestor’s family members. In some cases, the images can be hard to decipher, which can lead to incorrect transcriptions. It is always best to consult the original image.

Discover more about these records

These records were compiled by the professional genealogist Denis O'Callaghan Fisher (1809-1869). His transcripts are of from three sources:

  • Marriage Licenses granted by Dublin Diocese 1732-1800
  • Exshaw’s Magazine 1741-1800
  • Hibernian Magazine 1771-1800

Generally magazine marriage notices related to the wealthy, and marriages licenses were costly and usually granted to couples to avoid the public banns (notices of the marriage) being read aloud. As a consequence these records tend to relate to the most affluent in society.

Its also worth noting that the magazine notices often do not give a forename for the bride, often being described merely as Miss X, reflecting the relative status of even wealthy women at this date, as well as the contractual nature of the arrangement.