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As you continue your journey of family history research, we aim to provide you with the best learning tools and site functionality possible.

We identified specific family search topics that people often ask how things work, as well as offer pointers in order for you to be successful in your family search. Findmypast invited expert genealogists to contribute articles and real life ancestry examples.

Our Learn More section covers subjects such as “How to research adoption and genealogy” and the importance of “Citing your sources.”

We will be adding more tutorials and how to videos to the site, and will shortly be launching a series of family history webinars to grow your family tree in the coming months. These videos will be made available on the site for all users so you can watch family history tutorials at any time. Also check out's blog and genealogy podcasts for more discussions and tips about ancestry. 

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*Collections are subject to change and may not appear on all international sites. The findmypast UK website contains the following collections which are being re-indexed for the international platforms: death duty registers index, UK electoral registers, Hertfordshire burials and Boer War.