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Welcome to your go-to destination for ancestry help. Our family tree tips, genealogy help and DNA advice will guide you through every exciting moment in your family history journey.

A complete guide to building your family tree

Preserving the story of your ancestry: our expert guide to writing your family history

Guide to UK census records

Here's everything you should know about UK census records, from the 1921 Census to the present day

What to call distant relatives

From first cousins to second cousins once removed: your family relationships defined and explained

How to search newspapers on Findmypast

15 pro tips for searching British & Irish newspapers on Findmypast

13 tips to try when your family tree leaves you stumped

Discover female trailblazers with these six books on women's history

Discover the remarkably rich history behind Irish diaspora throughout the centuries

Discover our top publications that inspired the groundbreaking Catholic Heritage Archive project

From public intoxication to petty theft, here are our top 5 books for researching criminal history in your family tree

Collage of marriage images

The Definitive Guide to Findmypast's Marriage Records

Five must-read books for getting started in genealogy

6 must-read books on the vast history of sport and football in Britain

Genealogy questions for family

30 questions you need to ask relatives about your family's past

7 must-read books to discover the Royal Navy in the First World War

7 must-read books from Findmypast expert Jen Baldwin to discover your ancestor's migration

An expert's guide to discovering census history with five must-read books

Five must-read books to discover more about the British Army during the First World War

How the 1921 Census helps reveal the rich history of Britain’s deaf community

How wildcard searches can help you find your ancestors

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