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How can I share my family tree?

Share a link to your family tree using the ‘Share’ button in your family tree view.


You can share a temporary link with family and friends to let them view your tree for seven days. Just copy the link to your clipboard, then paste it into a message to whoever you want to share with – like an email or WhatsApp message.


You can share the same link with as many people as you like. They’ll need a Findmypast account to view your tree, but we’ll ask them to log in or create a free account once they click on your link.


What information will the person I’m sharing with see?

People with the link to view your tree will be able to:

  • View all deceased people in your family tree
  • View facts about deceased people in your tree (except any facts that disclose information about living people)

They will not be able to:

  • View anyone in your family tree who is living, or not marked as deceased
  • View any facts that you’ve marked as private about living or deceased people
  • View any media or photos, whether you’ve marked them as private or public
  • Edit any information on your tree

You can check what people with the link will see by pasting the link into your own browser first.


The link you shared will expire automatically after seven days, but you can share a new link with the same person, or anyone else, whenever you like.


How can I restrict access to my tree once I’ve shared it?

Each link you share expires automatically after seven days, so you don't need to worry about managing access rights.

If you change your mind and don't want anyone to be able to view your family tree, you can make your whole tree private in your tree's settings. Any links you have already shared will stop working once you make your tree private.

If you want to make your tree public again, just wait seven days for the links you already shared to expire before updating your tree's settings.


Can I share my full family tree, including all the living people?

You can’t share your full family tree yet, but we’re working on introducing this feature very soon.

You’ll be able to invite specific people to view your tree, and you’ll have more control over what you want them to see and how long you want them to see it for. Please keep an eye out for more announcements over the next few months.


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