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Is my Findmypast family tree public or private?

At Findmypast, your privacy is paramount to us. That's why your Findmypast family tree has privacy settings that you control.

No-one can ‘browse’ or ‘search’ other Findmypast family trees on Google, or within our site.

We never share any family tree information on anyone who’s still alive.

By default, deceased ancestors (or those born more than 110 years ago) in your family tree are shareable with other Findmypast members via tree-to-tree hints. This helps you and other Findmypast members grow your family tree by connecting with those who share your ancestry.

If you'd prefer to keep your family tree completely private, you can opt-out of this setting as follows:

  1. Open your family tree and select the ‘Tree settings’ cog wheel in the centre of your screen
  2. Untick the ‘Share deceased ancestors’ box and save the changes

Sharing your family tree

Your Findmypast family tree can be shared with other Findmypast members. To share your tree, copy the URL in the address bar of your browser and share it with your friend or family member. It can only be viewed by another Findmypast member who is signed into their account. 

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