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What’s included in a Findmypast subscription?

Findmypast subscriptions are designed to help you explore your amazing family story, no matter where you are on your family history journey.


In the US and Canada, you can purchase two different subscriptions:

  1. The Essential British & Irish subscription offers the most essential family records for anyone tracing their heritage back across the Atlantic. This includes birth, marriage, death and most census records
  2. You'll get an even bigger picture of your past with the Ultimate British & Irish subscription, giving you access to our entire collection* including the 1939 Register, all Irish, UK parish, military and travel records, and our newspaper archive, which spans over three centuries

*Please note that the 1921 Census of England and Wales is not included in any subscription package. The 1921 Census is on a pay-per-view basis using Findmypast micropayments. There is more information on why the 1921 Census requires micropayments here.

To see a full list of what’s included in each Findmypast subscription and to compare options, visit our membership page.



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