Find your Irish genealogy

Extend your family tree back to the 13th century

Explore your Irish ancestors' lives before they emigrated with our Irish genealogy records

We have millions of Irish records dating as far back as 1270, many of which can only be found on Findmypast. Highlights of our Irish record collection include:

  • Irish vital records dating back to the 13th century
  • Millions of unique Irish prison registers and court records
  • The complete Griffith's Valuation (a core Irish genealogy record set)
  • Unique Irish land & estate records
  • Military & rebellion records
  • The most comprehensive collection of Irish directories (2 million)
  • Rare and unrivaled Irish genealogy and specialist records

Unique Irish newspapers

We have Irish newspapers going back to the early 1800s through our partnership with the British Library. These unique newspapers add additional dimensions and details to your family history and Irish ancestry, and give a more complete narrative to your Irish genealogy records.

Regional Irish genealogy records

Whether you are looking for ancestors in Antrim, Cork, Tyrone or Dublin, our unique collection of Irish records from every county and city will have something for you.

Ireland passenger lists

Irish immigrants typically left for North America from either a port in Ireland or England like Liverpool and Southampton. Our exclusive passenger list collection contains all long-haul voyages that left Irish and English ports from 1890 to 1922. From 1922 to 1960, we have all the passenger lists for Northern Ireland and England.