Find your English, Scottish
and Welsh genealogy

Over 750 million English, Scottish and Welsh genealogy records, dating back as far back as 1200

Find out about your English, Welsh and Scottish ancestors’ lives before they immigrated and extend your British family tree even further. As a British company with over 45 years of experience in family history, we’ve built an extensive collection of records from all over the United Kingdom. Highlights of our British record collection include:

Over 50 million English and Welsh parish records

Baptism, marriage and burial records from across England and Wales dating back to 1538 – many of which can only be found at

British Army service records 1760 – 1915 *

Whether it is the Revolutionary War, Waterloo, Boer War or one of the World Wars we have you covered.

British census

The most complete England, Wales and Scotland census collection available online.

Unique Passenger Lists*

Passenger lists for ships leaving the UK 1890 – 1960, bound for long-haul destinations such as the U.S. and Canada.

Find more English birth marriage and death records*

The most complete online index of birth, marriage and death records, including records of births, marriages and deaths at sea.

Unique English, Welsh and Scottish Newspapers

We have English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish newspapers going back to 1700 from our partnership with the British Library. From birth announcements to stories about ancestors eloping, old newspapers can add fine detail to your British genealogy records.

* These records were published in association with the National Archives of the UK