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Findmypast Friday December 2nd 2016

Alex Cox Findmypast
Alex Cox
1 December 2016

Over 8.9 million new records are available to search this Findmypast Friday including;

Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary Service Records 1816-1922

Royal Irish Constabulary Service Records 1816-1922 contains over 486,000 records released in association with the National Archives. The collection will allow you to uncover intimate details of your ancestor's career with the R.I.C and includes a plethora of records related to the running and administration of the organisation including general registers, disbandment registers, nominal returns, and more. You can also find records of Royal Irish Constabulary clerical staff.

Each result includes an image of the original document and a transcript. The nature of the information recorded will vary significantly depending on the subject and type of the original document. A full list of the various record types included in the collection can be found at the bottom of the search page.

Explore Royal Irish Constabulary Service records

The Royal Irish Constabulary was created in 1836 and given its royal title in 1867 by Queen Victoria, becoming the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC). Records in this collection show dates from before the creation of the constabulary force. These usually relate to men who served with the Peace Preservation Force, an early peace-keeping force in Ireland. The RIC constables found within these records were employed during contentious years in Irish history. They witnessed the Great Famine, land wars, the Easter Rising, the Irish War of Independence, and the beginning of the Irish Civil War.

Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary History & Directories

Over 43,000 records have been added to our Royal Irish Constabulary History & Directories collection. The collection allows you to explore a variety of publications printed between 1840 and 1921 that will provide further insight into the administration and daily operations of the police force as well as the history of the organisation.

Explore our collection of RIC histories and directories

Each record includes a PDF image of the original publication. The collection includes training manuals, codes of conduct, salary scales, circulars and staff lists that cover promotions, deployments, rules & regulations and much more.

New South Wales Passenger Lists

New South Wales Passenger Lists contains over 8.5 million records. This collection includes records of both assisted and unassisted passengers. The assisted passenger lists cover 1828 to 1896 and the unassisted passenger lists span the years 1826 to 1900. Assisted passengers refers to those who received monetary assistance from another party or agency/government for their passage. There were several assisted immigration schemes set up for this purpose in the hopes of encouraging migration and settlement in Australia.

Search the New South Wales passenger lists

Each result will provide a transcript and image of the original record. The information included on the transcript will vary depending on whether your ancestor was an assisted or unassisted passenger, although most will include your ancestors name, passage type, birth year, nationality, departure port, arrival port and the dates of their travels.

Scotland Non-Old Parish Registers Vital Records 1647-1875

Scotland Non-Old Parish Registers Vital Records 1647-1875 is a collection of registers created by churches outside of the established church. It contains over 12,000 transcripts of births, marriages, and deaths and is a useful alternative to the Church of Scotland's old parish records.

Explore Scottish vital records

Non-old parish registers are distinctively different from the Church of Scotland's old parish records. The original records are held by the National Records of Scotland and have been diligently transcribed by Graham and Emma Maxwell. The majority of records span from 1684 until 1861 and cover seven Scottish counties.