Discover your true origins

In partnership with Living DNA, Findmypast doesn’t just look at the DNA you have and where in the world it's found, we also look for common patterns. This allows us to provide twice the level of detail of any other ancestry DNA test.

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What makes you, you?

Upgrade to the Y-DNA (your paternal family) and mitochondrial DNA test (your maternal family) to dig deeper into these strands of your genetic past and see interactive maps showing the migration histories of those who share your DNA, from 80,000 years ago all the way up to modern day.

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Unearth British and Irish roots

This is the only test designed for British and Irish family history. You’ll see your results mapped across 80 global regions, including 21 from Britain and Ireland.

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Bring your results to life

Once you know where your British and Irish ancestors lived, you can discover their stories with the world's largest archive of relevant historical records in your Findmypast subscription. New search features and regular updates make it easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for.

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Connect with living relatives

Our intuitive matching system takes the hard work out of building a family tree. You can even contact living relatives if you both choose to do so. All at no extra cost.

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Taking the world's most advanced ancestry DNA test is simple...

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    Order online

    Buy DNA test kits for yourself or as gifts for friends and family.

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    Activate kit

    Follow the included instructions to enter your unique code.

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    Send your sample

    Use the cheek swab tool and return to our US lab in the
    pre-paid envelope.

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    View your results

    In 6-8 weeks your DNA analysis will be uploaded to your own private online portal.

Already taken an ancestry DNA test?

Upload your results for free to gain access to Family Networks and potentially find and connect with living relatives. We accept DNA uploads from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage and Family Tree DNA. If you have a different test please contact us on


We take your privacy seriously

At Findmypast your privacy is top priority. We're dedicated to looking after your personal information safely and securely, which is why we've chosen Living DNA as our preferred DNA partner.

Who has access to the data?

You control your account privacy. Findmypast and Living DNA keep your data private unless you choose to share information, such as your family tree or DNA results. Your data is encrypted and stored on secure servers, only accessible by staff, vital service providers (such as our laboratory partners) and you. Living DNA has carefully chosen a laboratory in the USA to conduct its DNA testing. Findmypast and Living DNA only disclose your data to third parties where we have appropriate agreements in place. For example, trusted third-party payment processing companies. Findmypast and Living DNA are ISO accredited for data and information security.

What will they do with the data?

You are in control of your DNA and how it is used. Your genetic data will only be used to help discover your ancestry. Living DNA will always ask for your consent for any use of your data. If at any time you decide you want your genetic data and DNA sample destroyed, Living DNA will comply with your decision.

To find out more, read our privacy policy

To learn more about your personal data on Living DNA, read the Living DNA Privacy Policy

Frequently asked questions

What’s the benefit of taking a DNA test?

DNA tests give you an educated estimate of your ethnic makeup and help inform genealogical research by verifying existing family trees and informing future avenues of investigation. Additionally, there's a possibility you'll find living DNA matches - distant cousins and other relations - who could share their family history with you to build a bigger picture of your family tree.

How do ancestry DNA tests work?

Your DNA is compared with a reference database of samples common to specific ethnicities and regions. This is then used to determine your ethnic makeup and the regions your ancestors would have lived in.

Why choose Findmypast DNA?

The world’s most advanced ancestry DNA test, it’s the only one designed for British and Irish family history. With twice the detail of any other ancestry DNA test, it will reveal your ethnic makeup across 80 world regions, including 21 in Britain and Ireland.

What happens when I order a Findmypast DNA test?

Kits are despatched within 5-7 days of purchase date. The delivery time for your kit will vary depending on the postal service you have selected. Once you receive your kit, follow the simple instructions to activate it and send us your DNA sample. If you’re a new or returning Findmypast customer, you’ll receive a complimentary 14-day Findmypast subscription when you activate your kit.

Why is the Findmypast DNA test the world’s most advanced?

Rather than simply looking at your DNA in isolation, the Findmypast DNA test analyses unique combinations of linked DNA. This proprietary method delivers a level of detail impossible with other ancestry DNA tests. It also uses the latest technology, which is constantly updated in response to the latest industry innovations and peer-reviewed research. As the technology evolves so too does the detail of your test results, which will receive free ongoing upgrades.

How could Findmypast DNA help with my family history research?

Knowing the specific British and Irish regions your DNA commonly originates from can help point you in the right direction when researching your family history. Paired with our unrivalled British and Irish county record coverage, Findmypast DNA is the only choice for discovering all you can about your British and Irish roots.

Why has Findmypast partnered with Living DNA?

Living DNA and Findmypast are British companies joining forces to combine cutting-edge science with traditional family history research methods. We’ve made every effort to find a DNA company to partner with that provides the most benefit for those looking to explore their British and Irish roots. Living DNA's test results provide a regional breakdown that perfectly complements our unrivalled collection of British and Irish historical records. It’s this powerful combination that makes this partnership the perfect marriage of science and history.

Ancestry and other companies have offered DNA tests for years.
Why is the Findmypast DNA test only just available now?

A collaboration between scientists, researchers and genetic experts from across the globe, Living DNA has offered ancestry tests since 2016 while parent company, DNA Worldwide Group, has been operating since 2004. Our focus has always been on providing the world’s best collection of British and Irish historical records and while we’ve investigated the DNA market for some time, we hadn’t identified a partner that could truly bridge the gap between genetic genealogy and traditional family history research. Living DNA’s focus on British and Irish DNA makes them our perfect partner.

What plans do Findmypast & Living DNA have for the future?

Findmypast & Living DNA are excited about the opportunities this partnership creates for everyone from serious genealogists to those just starting to explore their family history. As we focus on the best of British and Irish family history, we are committed to continue making improvements to the Findmypast DNA test to make it possible to not only discover where your ancestors came from, but learn their amazing stories too.

*All new and returning Findmypast customers receive a complimentary 14-day subscription to with every order.