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Herefordshire in the 1881 Census

Search for your ancestors in Herefordshire in the 1881 Census and discover a detailed snapshot of their life at the time.

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Surnames starting with E

In the 1881 Census for herefordshire, there were 3521 people with surnames starting with 'E' in herefordshire in 1881. The most common occupations for people in herefordshire in 1881 were Scholar for women and Scholar for men. The most common surnames beginning with 'E' in herefordshire in 1881 were Evans, Edwards, East, Ellis, Eckley, Elliott, Edmonds, Exton, England and Edmunds. People with the most common surnames in herefordshire in 1881 were most likely to have the first names of William, John, Thomas, Elizabeth, George, Mary, James, Ann, Charles or Sarah.

Most common surnames beginning with 'E' in herefordshire in 1881:

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