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Findmypast Friday July 20th

3-4 minute read

By Alex Cox

20 July 2018

Lancashire Baptisms

Discover your ancestor in in over 1.1 million baptism register records from Lancashire. Learn when and where your ancestor's baptism took place, as well as your ancestor's parents' names. The registers span the years from 1538 to 1917 and cover 191 parishes across the county. View the full list of places included in our parish list, linked to in the Useful links and resources section.

Each result will provide you with a transcript and an image of the original register, provided by Lancashire Archives. Some records may contain additional details such as your ancestor's religious denomination, residence and father's occupation.

Lancashire Banns & Marriages

Discover your ancestor in banns and marriage registers from the Lancashire Archives. The registers contains over 713,00 records, span the years 1538 to 1932 and cover 194 Lancashire parishes.

Each result will provide you with a transcript and an image of the original register. Each transcript will reveal a combination of the couples' birth years, occupations, marriage date, marriage location, parents' names, father's occupations and the names of any witnesses. Images may offer additional details, such as if your ancestor was married by banns or licence.

Lancashire Burials

Discover your ancestor in burial registers from Lancashire. Learn when and where your ancestor's burial took place, as well as your ancestor's age at the time of death. The registers, provided by Lancashire Archives, span the years from 1538 to 199, cover 123 parishes and contain over 712,000 records.

Each result will provide you with a transcript and an image of the original register. Images may provide additional details.

Lancashire Parish Registers Browse

Our new collections of Lancashire parish baptisms, marriages, banns and burials are also available to browse.

Illinois, Tazewell County, Obituary Card Index From The "Pekin Times" 1914-2007 Image Browse

Find your relative in over 90,000 obituary index cards taken from the
Pekin Times, spanning the years from 1914 to 2007. This collection has been provided by FamilySearch.

This obituary card index, from the Pekin Public Library, pertains to obituaries published in the
Pekin Times and covers the years from 1914 to 2007. The paper was founded in 1881 and is published in Pekin, Illinois.

From this index, you may discover an individual's full name, birth date, death date, and burial place.

Queensland, Inquests 1859-1897

Discover your ancestor in this index of over 14,000 records compiled from the inquest files created by the Justice Department for the period 1859 to 1897. Each result will provide you with a transcript including a combination of your ancestor's name, alias, and inquest year, any additional notes, their file number, reference and item ID.

Some records only include a first or last name. Others only include a known name, like
Greasy Jack. Occasionally, no name is provided, either where it is unknown (e.g. South Sea Islander of Pentecost, sometimes with a location transcribed in the last name field) or where the incident does not pertain to an individual (e.g. fire at Abbott Street, Cairns).

Extra! Extra! Explore new additions to our newspaper collection

This week we have added 134,662 new pages to The Archive. We have updated five of our existing titles, covering the county of Kent and the city of Liverpool. We have also updated three of our Irish titles, with titles covering the latter half of the twentieth century, and the
Evening Herald (Dublin)now covering the twenty-first century, with pages added for 2001.

This week's new additions include:

Understanding parish records

Take a parish record masterclass with Findmypast expert, Myko Clelland.

Facts & finds

Our Lancashire collection contains records for a number of famous Lancastrians including James Hargreaves, the inventor of the spinning jenny, one of the key developments of the early Industrial Revolution. The idea for the spinning jenny is said to have come from Hargreaves seeing a one-thread spinning wheel overturned upon the floor. Seeing both the wheel and the spindle continue to spin, he realized that if a number of spindles were placed upright and side by side, several threads could be spun at once.

James Hargreaves

James Hargreaves

His invention was initially welcomed by hand spinners, but when it lead to a sharp decrease in the price of yarn the mood quickly changed and he was forced to relocate to Nottingham. Records show that he was baptised in the parish of St James, Haslingden, in 1720.

Coming Soon

Did your ancestor serve in the British Armed Forces? Next week's update will include some new additions that are perfect for learning more about your Army and Navy ancestors.


Findmypast Fridays Live

This week's Findmypast Fridays features two exciting announcements you won't want to miss. Remember, we broadcast live on Facebook every Friday afternoon (UK time) and the only way to make sure you catch it as it happens is by giving our page a 'like'.

Join Alex and Max to discuss the latest addition to our parish records collection. Plus, find out if you're the lucky...

Posted by Findmypast on Friday, July 20, 2018