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How to use naturalization records to find your family's first American

26 June 2016

Almost every family's American tale begins with an immigrant.

Who was the one who made the journey that forever altered your family's history?

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Immigrant ancestors can be a little tricky to trace, but one great resource to use are naturalization petitions. Many immigrants applied for citizenship, and that process generated some very useful genealogical records.

Let's take a look naturalization records and what you can find.

Click on the image to search naturalization records.

Click on the image to search naturalization records.

Generally, each transcript will contain:

[Search tip: ](strong)Always look at the images for extra information.

Images will have additional information, such as the certificate of arrival, which will indicate when the immigrant arrived and how they traveled to America.

Some forms will contain other interesting notes and even photographs (typically found in the declaration of intention forms).

Don't miss out: The naturalization process was a multi-year, multi-step process, and most applications have at least two documents. Be sure to use the previous and next buttons to make sure you don't miss anything!

Search naturalization records

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