London volunteer soldiers, 1859-1955

This collection records the names and service details of men who served as part-time soldiers with the British Army between 1859 and 1955, usually from London, who served with a number of volunteer military units.

The London volunteer soldier records will give you a combination of the following information about your ancestors:

    Service number
    Date of enlistment
    Medals awarded
    Date and reason for discharge
    Date of death

Which military units do these records cover?

This collection lists men who served with the following corps and battalions:

    20th Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps
    11th Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps
    3rd Volunteer Battalion Royal Fusiliers
    3rd (City of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)
    10th (3rd City of London) Battalion, The Royal Fusiliers (69th Searchlight Regiment)
    625th London Anti-Aircraft Regiment