The largest collection of Irish records available online

The largest collection of Irish records available online

Findmypast is home to the largest collection of Irish family history records available in the world. Local parish records are a key source for tracing your Irish ancestors and form the building blocks of your family tree. You can explore over 10 million new Irish Catholic Parish Registers for FREE as well as an abundance of other Irish records.

Catholic Parish Registers

Catholic Parish Registers

More than 33 million Americans have Irish heritage - for a vast majority, their ancestors immigrated to America during the 19th century. Over 3.8 million Irish immigrants arrived throughout the 1800's, especially in the middle part of the century when the deadly potato famine wreaked havoc on their homeland. When researching your family history, identifying your Irish immigrant ancestors and discovering more about your family's life before they came to America is a huge accomplishment. Up until now, the problem has been that it's really hard to do that - nearly all of the 19th century Irish censuses have been lost, leaving genealogists with a precious few documents to find evidence of their Irish ancestors. But since we released 10 million local Irish Catholic Parish records this past week, that's all changed. When compiled all together, these valuable local documents are able to re-construct what was previously lost or inaccessible to Americans. Now that these records are indexed and fully searchable online, many Americans will be able to find the missing link between their American and Irish families.

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Parish Records & Memorials

As parish records pre-date Civil Registration in Ireland (1864), they are invaluable for research, providing you with additional information such as parents' names and addresses. As the parish name is often listed on land records, cross-referencing records can help pinpoint a location, which is key to Irish family history research. It’s common to have different denominational churches in the same parish in Ireland, so knowing which religion your ancestors were will help you to narrow down which church records to search. Roman Catholic, Episcopalian & Methodist, and Presbyterian are the most common denominations.

Memorial records 

Irish graveyard headstones and memorials are very useful for gathering information on your ancestor’s life and death. As well as the name of the deceased, additional family names and exact relationships are often included on headstones. 

The records on our site are the result of the dedicated work of historians and genealogists who travelled to graveyards transcribing the names and dates found on gravestones and plaques.

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Access to all Irish collections will be free until 11.59pm (GMT) on Monday 7th March, 2016. You must register in order to take advantage of the free access. After the free access period ends, you will only be able to view the records in the featured collections using an Findmypast subscription. To see a full list of all Irish records included in the free access please click here.