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How do I upgrade a free trial on Findmypast?

After you've started your free trial, you may find that some of the record sets you want to access aren’t available on your selected subscription. 

You can upgrade your subscription level to gain better access for the remainder of your free trial, by following the steps below. 


  1. Use the Upgrade button at the top of your screen
  2. Select the level you wish to upgrade your free trial to
  3. Checkout using your existing payment method by clicking 'checkout securely', or select a new payment method
  4. The confirmation screen will show the expiry date of your free trial

As we don’t offer free trials of our top-level subscription, you won’t be able to upgrade your free trial to Premium.

At the end of your free trial, it will automatically turn into a paid subscription at your upgraded membership level, and payment will be taken unless you cancel your free trial.


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