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It's extremely rare for us to have any technical issues with our pages not displaying correctly. If it happens, we're usually the first to know and fix problems before they affect anyone else.

If any part the Findmypast website is not displaying correctly, it could be something you may be able to fix yourself. For example, your choice of web browser may need updating.

The Findmypast website has been built so that the latest versions of web browsers work best. Whilst older versions may work in parts, you may not be able to use the site to its full capacity. The olderst version of Internet Explorer that we support fully is IE9.

We suggest you always have the latest versions of your browser. It's always good practice to check and typically takes just a few minutes to update to the latest version. It's well worth doing to ensure your browser works at it best. Below is a list of links to various browser update sites.

Mozilla Firefox 

Google Chrome


Internet Explorer 

If you have any further queries about our chosen internet broswer, please contact our Customer Support team for further advice.

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