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"By using Findmypast, I learned about the frequency of my ancestors' surname and in conjunction with family tradition, I was able to narrow the search down to find a specific record confirming their origin in Kent, England... Findmypast is an invaluable asset to any immigrant search"

James Tanner, Genealogist and Blogger

Why choose Findmypast

UK Parish records

Begun in 1538 during the reign of Henry VIII, parish records are a crucial resource to get you back further, faster. Our collection, much of which is exclusive to Findmypast, is the largest anywhere online.

Irish records

With twice as many records as our nearest competitor, our Irish collection is unparalleled. If you’re serious about tracing your Irish family history, Findmypast’s collections are essential.

Roman Catholic records

We’re working with the Roman Catholic Church to publish up to 100 million records from England, Scotland, Ireland, the US and Canada that span centuries. Available online for the first time, exclusively at Findmypast.

British military records

Findmypast has more British military service and pension records than anyone else, covering all three branches of the British Armed Forces, with service records dating back to 1760 – some of the most detailed documents you'll find.


The world's biggest archive of British and Irish newspapers, with over 750 titles covering every county in Great Britain and Ireland, to add color to your research and bring your ancestors’ stories to life.

Expert help when you need it

We highlight new record releases every Friday, publish professional advice to help you make the most of our records, offer exclusive access to PERSI, and for our subscribers we host regular, expert-level webinars.

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