Company history is owned by Scottish Publisher DC Thomson


The Findmypast story begins in 1965, when a small group of professional genealogists and heir hunters in London, England form what was then known as Title Research. Since there were no online records, employees spent many long hours poring over microfiche machines.


Title Research starts a project to create a computerized version of the paper General Register Office England & Wales birth, marriage and death records for its in-house researchers to use. The project is named "1837 online".


Title Research has the innovative idea to put the newly digitized England & Wales birth, marriage and death records onto a website so family historians worldwide can benefit from them. Title Research consults with expert genealogists, including family history societies and the Society of Genealogists, on this monumental project.


Title Research gets a license to publish the birth, marriage and death indexes online and launches the first incarnation of the website:

2004 makes its first £1 million this financial year and becomes a separate business owned by Title Research Group.


Title Research publishes the 1861 census for England and Wales. It's the first time this census has ever been published online.


Title Research publishes the 1891 census in March 2006. In November, rebrands to Findmypast to reflect the wider range of records it now holds.


In January of 2007, the outbound passenger lists 1890-1960 are published in association with The National Archives. This project marks the first use of color scanning by a family history website anywhere in the world. These records link family historians all around the world with their emigrant ancestors from the British Isles. Later in the year, Scotland Online, part of DC Thomson, purchases Findmypast from Title Research Group, becoming the second biggest provider of resources to the online genealogy community in the UK. An exclusive partnership is agreed with the Federation of Family History Societies to publish parish records from local family history societies around the UK on Findmypast. This will grow into the largest online collection of England & Wales parish records.


As part of Scotland Online, Findmypast now has a license to publish the 1911 census for England & Wales online. In May, the 1901 England & Wales census is made available online, rapidly followed by the 1851 census in November.


The 1911 census is published by Findmypast in association with The National Archives, opening up to the public the original handwritten forms completed by heads of household for the very first time. The launch is the top news story of the day on the BBC.


Findmypast is awarded a contract to digitize British Army Service Records 1760-1913 by The National Archives of the United Kingdom. In December Findmypast launches the first Start Your Family Tree Week, which is a huge success.


Findmypast continues to add millions more records to its extensive collections, including over 9 million new records from the Society of Genealogists and Merchant Seamen records in association with The National Archives. A number of UK record offices award digitization contracts to Findmypast, including Wales, Westminster, Cheshire and Manchester. Findmypast expands to Australia and Ireland.


Findmypast digitizes and publishes Royal Household staff records in partnership with the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle and starts to publish local newspapers from the British Library – the start of a 10 year project, which sees more scanned newspaper pages uploaded to the website every day. Findmypast expands to the US market, publishing the 1940 census as it is released and indexed, alongside all other existing US census records since 1790.


Findmypast finishes a project to digitize millions of Crime, Prisons and Punishment records in association with The National Archives of the United Kingdom, publishing the records online in February. Parish record collections from record offices in Hertfordshire, Canterbury and Lincolnshire are added to the site, and the company wins a contract to publish online parish records from the whole of Yorkshire.


In January Findmypast publishes online for the first time India Office records in partnership with the British Library. For the centenary of WW1, Findmypast publishes WW1 Royal Air Force records in association with The National Archives and adds many more WW1 records, creating the largest online pre-1918 military record collection for the UK. Between April and June, Findmypast becomes the first family history website to launch 100 new record sets in 100 days. In July Findmypast launches Findmypast Fridays – a pledge to release thousands of new records online every week.


Findmypast continues to work on a project to publish online the 1939 Register for England & Wales – the only surviving survey of the population of England and Wales between 1921 and 1951 – after being awarded the contract by The National Archives.


Partnership with FamilySearch to create the largest online collection of US Marriage records.


Findmypast creates the Roman Catholic Heritage Archive in collaboration with Catholic Archdioceses in the United States, Great Britain, and Ireland.


The company acquired visualisation startup, Twile, and tree builder, Rootsfinder. In the same year, Findmypast won the contract to digitise the 1921 Census with The National Archives and the Office for National Statistics.