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New records covering Maryland, Knights of the Realm and the Peterloo Massacre

Alex Cox Findmypast
Alex Cox
15 August 2019

Uncover the stories behind one of defining moments of 19th Century Britain.

Manchester, Peterloo Witnesses and Casualties, 1819

Discover if your English ancestor witnessed or was injured during the Peterloo Massacre which occurred on 16 August 1819 at St Peter’s Field, Manchester.  The records show whether a person was injured and how; such as, “right elbow and head cut severely”.  It also includes witness statements like, “saw constables hitting [John] Lees with truncheons and a broken flagpole. Addresses, occupations and additional notes are also included in many transcripts.

Once the crowd had gathered and speeches began the magistrates called the Manchester and Salford Yeomanry to arrest Henry Hunt.  The Cavalry charged the unarmed crowd resulting in the deaths of at least 11 people and between 400 and 700 people injured.

In response to the events, The Prince Regent congratulated the cavalry and the government’s response was to pass the Six Acts which reduced free speech, made newspapers more expensive, restricted public meetings, and gave authorities more powers to search private properties.

Uncover the stories of those who were there

Do you have ancestors’ from Maryland? Search this collection of Wills and Probates to find out the date of their Will. As confirmed in the introduction of the publication, the Maryland Calendar of Wills was compiled in response to an already “long existent and steadily increasing need for such work, a need not only of genealogists, nor only for Marylanders now living in the State, but also for the large class of persons, whose ancestors are to be numbered among the men and women who took part in the nation-building as begun on Maryland shores, and whose descendants are now to be found in every State of the Union.” 

Each record is available in a PDF format. Use the previous and next buttons at the top of the page to browse through the publication. The General Index of Wills of St. Mary’s County, Maryland, 1633 to 1900 was compiled by Margaret Roberts Hodges from original indices, the collection of records were published by the Carter Braxton Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Search this index to more than 107,000 probate records from 1634 to 1777 for transcripts and images of both Prerogative Court and County records. The amount of information listed in each record will vary but looking at images is always recommended.

Preceding the implementation of the first Maryland State Constitution in 1777, two sets of probate records were maintained, probate business was conducted at the capital by the central agency which, for most of the Colonial period, was known as the Prerogative Court.

The Commissary General was the presiding officer of the court and a Deputy Commissary was then appointed for each county. The Deputy Commissary recorded each probate record that was brought into their office, periodically they would send the papers filed in their office to the Prerogative Court where they would be recorded again.

Over 14,000 additional records have been added to the Knights of the Realm & Commonwealth Index.

Dating all the way back to the 11th century, this Index will enable you to find out if any of your ancestors were awarded an order of chivalry. As well as dates and award details, these transcripts can also include biographies and additional remarks.

Discover if your ancestors were baptised in Hungary. Search through 14,000 records from the Hungarian baptism index to find out. The records were created through the International Genealogical Index and will generate hints against your Findmypast family tree.

Each records consists of a transcript that will reveal the date of your ancestor’s baptism, the location and their parents' names.

This week we have added 123,844 brand new pages. We have two new titles covering the Moray area, namely the Forres News and Advertiser and the Northern Scot and Moray & Nairn Express. Our third new Scottish newspaper is the Renfrewshire Independent, for which we have so far published the years 1858 to 1877.

Our final new addition this week is the Devon Valley Tribune. Published in Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, we have an impressive run of pages for this title, ranging from the end of the 1890s right up until the 1950s.

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