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Using RootsMagic and Findmypast – Together!

2-3 minute read

By The Findmypast team

26 August 2016

Findmypast is pleased to partner with leading genealogy software RootsMagic to provide access to our incredible collections inside your tree.

This is an incredible advantage for fans of Findmypast and RootsMagic alike, providing users with the best of both in one platform. Plus, getting started couldn't be easier! If you already have RootsMagic, follow these instructions to download the latest version to activate the Findmypast hints.

Once you have the connection established, you will start to see Findmypast hints show up inside the RootsMagic interface. You will see notifications for individuals in your file, which will lead you to the historical collections available on Findmypast.


In the image above, the "hint" is provided with a small light bulb icon in the box for "Israel Brown." When we click on the light bulb, we get a pop-up display box that indicates how many hints are available for this individual.


By selecting "5" in the pending column, we are automatically redirected to the Findmypast website for further review of these possible matches. Here, we can see that there are suggested matches from our partners at FamilySearch as well.


Next, we are able to choose to review the hint. In the example below, we have the ability to review a hint around a baptism record for Henry Collins, who was born in 1629 in Middlesex, England. This baptism hint comes from the "London, Docklands and East End Baptisms, 1558-1933" collection.


The hint is a good match – the name and dates are available, and all align to what we know about Henry Collins. It's not proof yet – but it's a fabulous hint, so we're going to merge it with our Findmypast family tree and our RootsMagic file simultaneously by accepting the hint. Here, you also have the option of printing this record for future use.

After accepting the hint, the RootsMagic file is automatically updated to reflect four additional hints for Henry Collins, II, and one confirmed hint.


With Findmypast now fully integrated with RootsMagic, our hints feature will be constantly scanning our databases – if we add records that may contain more evidence for Henry Collins, a new hint will generate automatically.

As we add more US, Canadian, Irish, and British records to our 8 billion records collection, RootsMagic users will see a steady flow of new hints as they grow their family trees. For those who have traced their heritage all the way back to Britain or Ireland, Findmypast hints will be particularly unique because we have the most exclusive Irish and British records available online.

Interested in learning more about how to use Findmypast and RootsMagic together? Sign up for our free webinar for exclusive tips and a walk-though of how you can get started using RootsMagic and Findmypast together on Monday, September 12, 2016 at 12:00pm MDT with our expert Jen Baldwin. Immediately after Jen's presentation, CEO of RootsMagic, Bruce Buzbee will join Jen for a live Q&A session.