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16 hilarious answers our ancestors gave in school tests

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By Niall Cullen

3 September 2019

You won’t believe some of the shameless exam responses we’ve uncovered in our historical newspapers.

Do you fondly look back on your school days as the best times of your life? Well, it seems that times may not have changed as much as we’d like to think they have. Children throughout history certainly didn’t let strict schoolmasters and challenging conundrums distract from their fun. You only have to delve into our newspaper archive for the proof. But were these school test answers cheeky comebacks or innocent blunders? Decide for yourself.

Funny exam responses

Leamington Spa Courier, April 18, 1913

Funny test answers

Manchester Evening News, August 6, 1917

crazy test answers from the past

Sheffield Weekly Telegraph, May 30, 1914

Funny answers to school tests

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette, January 9, 1914

Funny things kids say

Gloucester Citizen, August 19, 1925

Funny school tests

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette, August 22, 1923

School test from the past

Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, April 7, 1906

Unbelievable school test answers

Whitby Gazette, August 19, 1904

Funny school exam answers

Worcestershire Chronicle, December 7, 1901

Hilarious school test answers

Derby Daily Telegraph, November 16, 1905

Old school exams

Tamworth Herald, May 19, 1900

Funny ancestors

Nottingham Evening Post, April 18, 1933

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