Scotland Roman Catholic records

To assist you will your family history search, Findmypast have created a list of all the parishes represented in the following Scotland Roman Catholic records:

The lists are organised by county and provide a year range. The year ranges are not exclusive and some may contain some gaps.


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
AberdeenSt Mary's with St Peter's Aberdeen1782-1957
AboyneSt MargaretAberdeen1876-1928
AboyneSt MargaretAberdeen1918-1925
BallaterSt Nathalan Aberdeen1769-2002
BallogieSt MichaelAberdeen1833-1876
BraemarSt AndrewAberdeen1608-1992
FetternearOur Lady of the Garioch & St John the Evangelist Aberdeen1850-1920
HuntlySt MargaretAberdeen1741-1913
PeterheadSt MaryAberdeen1847-1941
Strichen Aberdeen1834-1957


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
DrimninSt ColumbaArgyll & The Isles1846-1886
Mull & District Argyll & The Isles1880-1976
ObanSt ColumbaArgyll & The Isles1846-1975
RoybridgeSt MargaretArgyll & The Isles1818-1976


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
AyrSt MargaretGalloway1822-1857
DalrySt PalladiusGalloway1848-2006
GalstonSt SophiaGalloway1883-1994
GirvanThe Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary Galloway1850-1938
HurlfordSt PaulGalloway1883-1988
KilmarnockSt JosephGalloway1844-1937
SaltcoatsSt MaryGalloway1853-1942


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
AberlourThe Sacred Heart Aberdeen1917-1968
AberlourThe Sacred Heart Aberdeen1917-1968
BanffOur Lady of Mount Carmel Aberdeen1845-1918
BuckieSt PeterAberdeen1786-1994
ChapeltownOur Lady of Perpetual Succour Aberdeen1813-2006
DufftownOur Lady of the Assumption Aberdeen1861-1929
KeithSt ThomasAberdeen1836-1897
PortsoyThe Annunciation Aberdeen1805-1933
PreshomeSt GregoryAberdeen1787-2005
TombaeThe Incarnation Aberdeen1812-2007
TomintoulOur Lady & St MichaelAberdeen1783-2007
TynetSt NinianAberdeen1808-1925


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
RothesaySt AndrewArgyll & The Isles1849-1880


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
WickSt Joachim Aberdeen1857-1874


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
AnnanSt ColumbaGalloway1877-2003
DumfriesSt AndrewGalloway1815-1972
KirkconnelSt Conal Galloway1730-1993


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
DumbartonSt PatrickGlasgow1830-1889
DuntocherSt MaryGlasgow1841-1967


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
DunfermlineSt MargaretSt Andrews & Edinburgh1846-1858
HighvalleyfieldSt SerfDunkeld1913-1960
KirkcaldyOur Lady of Perpetual Succour St Andrews & Edinburgh1846-1895
LochgellySt PatrickSt Andrews & Edinburgh1866-1952
LochoreSt KennethSt Andrews & Edinburgh1902-1991

Forfarshire (Angus)

PlaceParishDioceseYear range
ArbroathSt ThomasDunkeld1840-1956
DundeeSt AndrewDunkeld1795-1915
DundeeSt Mary, Our Lady of Victories Dunkeld1854-1867
Lochee, DundeeSt MaryDunkeld1847-1940

Haddingtonshire (East Lothian)

PlaceParishDioceseYear range
HaddingtonSt MarySt Andrews & Edinburgh1853-1881
TranentSt Martin of Tours St Andrews & Edinburgh1888-1992


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
ArdkennethSt MichaelArgyll & The Isles1829-1904
ArisaigSt MaryArgyll & The Isles1837-1996
BeaulySt MaryAberdeen1851-1885
BornishSt MaryArgyll & The Isles1820-1868
Craigston, BarraSt BrendanArgyll & The Isles1805-1944
EiggSt Donnan Argyll & The Isles1843-1982
EiggSt Donnan Argyll & The Isles1843-1982
EskadaleSt MaryAberdeen1793-1958
Fort AugustusSS Peter & Benedict Aberdeen1842-1894
Fort WilliamThe Immaculate Conception Argyll & The Isles1820-1890
GlenfinnanSS Mary & Finnan Argyll & The Isles1870-1980
Glenmoriston & StratherrickThe Immaculate Conception Aberdeen1854-1966
InvernessSt MaryAberdeen1832-1916
Mingarry in MoidartOur Lady of the AngelsArgyll & The Isles1769-1952
North MorarOur Lady of Perpetual Succour Argyll & The Isles1832-1903


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
BlairsSt Mary's with Scalan Aberdeen1789-1953


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
DalbeattieSt PeterGalloway1786-1991
MunchesDomestic Chapel Galloway1745-1815
New AbbeySt MaryGalloway1889-2007


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
AirdrieSt MargaretMotherwell1842-1977
CarlukeSt AthanasiusMotherwell1849-1936
CoatbridgeSt AugustineMotherwell1892-1952
CoatbridgeSt PatrickMotherwell1847-1952
GlasgowImmaculate Conception Glasgow1849-1921
GlasgowSt AloysiusGlasgow1854-1995
GlasgowSt AlphonsusGlasgow1847-1884
GlasgowSt AndrewGlasgow1795-1869
GlasgowSt JohnGlasgow1846-1885
GlasgowSt JosephGlasgow1850-1920
GlasgowSt MaryGlasgow1842-1856
GlasgowSt Mary Immaculate Glasgow1849-1927
GlasgowSt MungoGlasgow1851-1878
GlasgowSt PatrickGlasgow1850-1886
GlasgowSt PaulGlasgow1851-1886
HamiltonSt MaryMotherwell1841-1906
RutherglenSt ColumbkilleMotherwell1848-1945

Linlithgowshire (West Lothian)

PlaceParishDioceseYear range
BathgateThe Immaculate Conception St Andrews & Edinburgh1860-1962
LinlithgowSt MichaelSt Andrews & Edinburgh1851-1857


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
DalkeithSt DavidSt Andrews & Edinburgh1854-1913
EdinburghSt Mary's Cathedral St Andrews & Edinburgh1777-1968
EdinburghSt PatrickSt Andrews & Edinburgh1850-1988
LeithSt Mary'St Andrews & Edinburgh1847-1867
PortobelloSt JohnSt Andrews & Edinburgh1844-1872


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
Bellie Aberdeen1785-1789
ElginSt SylvesterAberdeen1840-1918
FochabersSt MaryAberdeen1787-1970


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
KirkwallOur Lady & St JosephAberdeen1860-1961


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
PeeblesSt JosephSt Andrews & Edinburgh1850-1920


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
BlairgowrieSt StephenDunkeld1849-1885
CrieffSt FillanDunkeld1852-1943
Murthly CastleChapel Dunkeld1845-1861
PerthSt John the Baptist Dunkeld1831-1950


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
BarrheadSt JohnGlasgow1841-1961
GreenockSt MaryPaisley1808-1946
HoustonSt FillanPaisley1868-1944
PaisleySt MirinPaisley1808-1934
Port GlasgowSt JohnPaisley1846-1939

Ross & Cromarty

PlaceParishDioceseYear range
DornieSt Duthac Aberdeen1844-1966


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
HawickSS Mary & David St Andrews & Edinburgh1793-1939
KelsoThe Immaculate Conception St Andrews & Edinburgh1855-1928


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
GalashielsOur Lady & St Andrew St Andrews & Edinburgh1852-1976


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
FalkirkSt Francis Xavier St Andrews & Edinburgh1843-1858
LennoxtownSt MachanSt Andrews & Edinburgh1831-1925
StirlingSt MarySt Andrews & Edinburgh1829-1962


PlaceParishDioceseYear range
Newton StewartOur Lady & St Ninian Galloway1825-1915
StranraerSt JosephGalloway1846-1971