Explore your Jamaican heritage by searching through over a million birth and baptism records from Jamaica.

Below you will find a list of the parishes and the local district registers available in Jamaica Births and Baptisms.


Parishincluding former ParishesCountycapital town
ClarendonVereMiddlesexMay Pen
Hanover CornwallLucea
KingstonPort Royal (pt), St Andrew (pt)SurreyKingston
Manchester MiddlesexMandeville
PortlandSt GeorgeSurreyPort Antonio
St AndrewPort Royal (pt)SurreyHalf Way Tree
St Ann MiddlesexSt Ann's Bay
St CatherineSt Dorothy, St John, St Thomas in the ValeMiddlesexSpanish Town
St Elizabeth CornwallBlack River
St James CornwallMontego Bay
St MaryMetcalfeMiddlesexPort Maria
St ThomasSt David, St Thomas in the EastSurreyMorant Bay
Trelawny CornwallFalmouth
Westmoreland CornwallSavanna-la-Mar

Local District Register

Local District RegistrarLDR codeParishCountynote
Kingston AAKingstonSurrey 
Port Royal ABKingstonSurrey 
Half Way Tree BASt AndrewSurrey 
Somerset BAASt AndrewSurrey 
August Town BABSt AndrewSurrey 
Lenna BACSt AndrewSurrey 
Harbour View BADSt AndrewSurrey 
Parks Road BAESt AndrewSurrey 
Gordon Town BBSt AndrewSurrey 
Content Gap BCSt AndrewSurrey 
Mount Charles BDSt AndrewSurrey 
Temple Hall BESt AndrewSurrey 
Golden SpringBESt AndrewSurrey 
Cold Spring BFSt AndrewSurrey 
Dallas Castle BGSt AndrewSurrey 
Constitution Hill BGSt AndrewSurrey 
Bull Bay BHSt AndrewSurrey 
Stony Hill BISt AndrewSurrey 
 BJSt AndrewSurreycode not used
Lawrence Tavern BKSt AndrewSurrey 
Woodford BLSt AndrewSurrey 
Crossroads BMSt AndrewSurrey 
St James BNSt AndrewSurrey 
Brandon Hill BOSt AndrewSurrey 
Galloway BPSt AndrewSurrey 
Cavaliers BQSt AndrewSurrey 
August Town BRSt AndrewSurrey 
Salisbury Plain BSSt AndrewSurrey 
Red Hills BTSt AndrewSurrey 
 BUSt AndrewSurreycode not used
Manning's Hill BVSt AndrewSurrey 
Mary Brown's Corner BWSt AndrewSurrey 
Whitfield Town BXSt AndrewSurrey 
University College of the West IndiesBYSt AndrewSurrey 
Cockburn Pen BZSt AndrewSurrey 
Morant Bay CASt ThomasSurrey 
Bath CBSt ThomasSurrey 
Golden Grove CCSt ThomasSurrey 
Yallahs CDSt ThomasSurrey 
Easington CDSt ThomasSurrey 
Woburn Lawn CESt ThomasSurrey 
Trinity Ville CFSt ThomasSurrey 
The Abbey CGSt ThomasSurrey 
Port Morant CHSt ThomasSurrey 
Blue Mountain Valley CISt ThomasSurrey 
 CJSt ThomasSurreycode not used
Cedar Valley CKSt ThomasSurrey 
Sunning Hill CLSt ThomasSurrey 
Eleven Mile CMSt ThomasSurrey 
Airy Castle CNSt ThomasSurrey 
Bowden COSt ThomasSurrey 
Spring Garden CPSt ThomasSurrey 
Dalvey CQSt ThomasSurrey 
Wilmington CRSt ThomasSurrey 
WhitehorsesCSSt ThomasSurrey 
Whitehall CTSt ThomasSurrey 
 CUSt ThomasSurreycode not used
Norris CVSt ThomasSurrey 
Port Antonio DAPortlandSurrey 
Manchioneal DBPortlandSurrey 
Priestman's River DCPortlandSurrey 
Buff Bay DDPortlandSurrey 
Hope Bay DEPortlandSurrey 
Moore Town DFPortlandSurrey 
Claverty Cottage DGPortlandSurrey 
Birnamwood & Silver Hill DHPortlandSurrey 
Fairfield DIPortlandSurrey 
 DJPortlandSurreycode not used
St Margaret's Bay DKPortlandSurrey 
Fairy Hill DLPortlandSurrey 
Swift River DMPortlandSurrey 
Skibo DNPortlandSurrey 
Fruitful Vale DOPortlandSurrey 
Fellowship DPPortlandSurrey 
Long Bay DQPortlandSurrey 
Hector's River DRPortlandSurrey 
Prior Park DSPortlandSurrey 
Belvedere DSPortlandSurrey 
Comfort Castle DTPortlandSurrey 
 DUPortlandSurreycode not used
Orange Bay DVPortlandSurrey 
Skibo DWPortlandSurrey 
Balcarres DXPortlandSurrey 
Green Hill DYPortlandSurrey 
Windsor Castle DZPortlandSurrey 
Spanish Town EASt CatherineMiddlesex 
Bog Walk EAASt CatherineMiddlesex 
Guy's Hill EABSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Troja EACSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Watermount EADSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Mount Industry EAESt CatherineMiddlesex 
Ginger Ridge EAFSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Gregory Park EAGSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Spring Vale EAHSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Mendez EAISt CatherineMiddlesex 
 EAJSt CatherineMiddlesexcode not used
Byndloss EAKSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Lucky Valley EALSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Patten Park EAMSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Bois Content EANSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Old Harbour EBSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Linstead ECSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Ewarton EDSt CatherineMiddlesex 
St Faith's EESt CatherineMiddlesex 
Worthy Park EFSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Pear Tree Grove EGSt CatherineMiddlesex 
The Rectory EHSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Guanaboa Vale EISt CatherineMiddlesex 
 EJSt CatherineMiddlesexcode not used
Point Hill EKSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Barton's ELSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Marlie Hill EMSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Harewood ENSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Highgate EOSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Allman Hill EPSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Bellas Gate EQSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Rentcome ERSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Seafield ESSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Caymanas ESSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Jericho ETSt CatherineMiddlesex 
 EUSt CatherineMiddlesexcode not used
Bermaddy EVSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Redwood EWSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Mount Hermon EXSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Buxton Town EYSt CatherineMiddlesex 
McCook EZSt CatherineMiddlesex 
Annotto Bay FASt MaryMiddlesex 
Belfield FAASt MaryMiddlesex 
Wood Park FABSt MaryMiddlesex 
Cascade FACSt MaryMiddlesex 
Albany FADSt MaryMiddlesex 
Long Road FAESt MaryMiddlesex 
Fellowship Hall FAFSt MaryMiddlesex 
Lucky Hill FAGSt MaryMiddlesex 
Epsom FAHSt MaryMiddlesex 
Dover FAISt MaryMiddlesex 
 FAJSt MaryMiddlesexcode not used
Leinster FAKSt MaryMiddlesex 
Port Maria FBSt MaryMiddlesex 
RichmondFCSt MaryMiddlesex 
Retreat FDSt MaryMiddlesex 
Chesterfield FESt MaryMiddlesex 
Gayle FFSt MaryMiddlesex 
Enfield FGSt MaryMiddlesex 
Mount Regale FHSt MaryMiddlesex 
Carron Hall FISt MaryMiddlesex 
 FJSt MaryMiddlesexcode not used
Mount Angus FKSt MaryMiddlesex 
Long Road FL St MaryMiddlesex 
Oracabessa FMSt MaryMiddlesex 
Lenna FNSt MaryMiddlesex 
Clonmel FOSt MaryMiddlesex 
Castleton FPSt MaryMiddlesex 
Tom's RiverFPSt MaryMiddlesex 
Islington FQSt MaryMiddlesex 
Woodside FRSt MaryMiddlesex 
Scott's Hall FSSt MaryMiddlesex 
Hampstead FTSt MaryMiddlesex 
 FUSt MaryMiddlesexcode not used
Guy's Hill FVSt MaryMiddlesex 
Brainerd FWSt MaryMiddlesex 
Bonny Gate FXSt MaryMiddlesex 
Camberwell FYSt MaryMiddlesex 
Jeffrey Town FZSt MaryMiddlesex 
St Ann's Bay GASt AnnMiddlesex 
Lime Tree Garden GAASt AnnMiddlesex 
Lodge GABSt AnnMiddlesex 
Lime Hall GACSt AnnMiddlesex 
McNie GADSt AnnMiddlesex 
Aenon Town GAESt AnnMiddlesex 
Brown's Town GBSt AnnMiddlesex 
Ocho Rios GCSt AnnMiddlesex 
Moneague GDSt AnnMiddlesex 
Discovery Bay GESt AnnMiddlesex 
Dry HarbourGESt AnnMiddlesex 
Alexandria GFSt AnnMiddlesex 
Pedro GGSt AnnMiddlesex 
Guy's Hill GHSt AnnMiddlesex 
Bamboo GISt AnnMiddlesex 
Little Kent GISt AnnMiddlesex 
 GJSt AnnMiddlesexcode not used
Gibraltar GKSt AnnMiddlesex 
Claremont GLSt AnnMiddlesex 
Cave Valley GMSt AnnMiddlesex 
Yankee GNSt AnnMiddlesex 
AntrimGOSt AnnMiddlesex 
Sturge Town GOSt AnnMiddlesex 
StephanyGPSt AnnMiddlesex 
Mount Moriah GQSt AnnMiddlesex 
Watt Town GRSt AnnMiddlesex 
Runaway Bay GSSt AnnMiddlesex 
Keith GTSt AnnMiddlesex 
 GUSt AnnMiddlesexcode not used
Bensonton GVSt AnnMiddlesex 
Blackstonedge GWSt AnnMiddlesex 
Walker's Wood GXSt AnnMiddlesex 
Alderton GYSt AnnMiddlesex 
Linton Park GZSt AnnMiddlesex 
May Pen HAClarendonMiddlesex 
Beckford Kraal HAAClarendonMiddlesex 
Richmond Park HACClarendonMiddlesex 
James Hill HADClarendonMiddlesex 
Race Course HAEClarendonMiddlesex 
Wood Hall HAFClarendonMiddlesex 
Kellits HAGClarendonMiddlesex 
Frankfield HAHClarendonMiddlesex 
Keys HAIClarendonMiddlesex 
 HAJClarendonMiddlesexcode not used
Lionel Town HAKClarendonMiddlesex 
Salt River HALClarendonMiddlesex 
Moravia HAMClarendonMiddlesex 
Palmer's Cross HANClarendonMiddlesex 
Ashley HAOClarendonMiddlesex 
Silver Spring HAPClarendonMiddlesex 
Main Ridge HAQClarendonMiddlesex 
Free Town HARClarendonMiddlesex 
McNie HASClarendonMiddlesex 
Crawle River HATClarendonMiddlesex 
 HAUClarendonMiddlesexcode not used
Moores HAVClarendonMiddlesex 
Breeze Mill HAWClarendonMiddlesex 
Four Paths HBClarendonMiddlesex 
Chapelton HCClarendonMiddlesex 
Milk River HDClarendonMiddlesex 
Alley HEClarendonMiddlesex 
Rock River HFClarendonMiddlesex 
Grantham HGClarendonMiddlesex 
St Jago HHClarendonMiddlesex 
Hayes HIClarendonMiddlesex 
 HJClarendonMiddlesexcode not used
Bull Head HKClarendonMiddlesex 
Rosewell HLClarendonMiddlesex 
Alston HNClarendonMiddlesex 
Crofts or Crofts HillHOClarendonMiddlesex 
Thompson Town HPClarendonMiddlesex 
Mears HQClarendonMiddlesex 
Aenon Town HRClarendonMiddlesex 
 HSClarendonMiddlesexLDR unknown
Spaldings HTClarendonMiddlesex 
 HUClarendonMiddlesexcode not used
Mocho HVClarendonMiddlesex 
Clarendon Park HWClarendonMiddlesex 
Mason's River HXClarendonMiddlesex 
Crooked River HYClarendonMiddlesex 
Smithville HZClarendonMiddlesex 
Mandeville IAManchesterMiddlesex 
Williamsfield IAAManchesterMiddlesex 
Lincoln IABManchesterMiddlesex 
Kendal IACManchesterMiddlesex 
Auchtembeddie IADManchesterMiddlesex 
Royal Flat IAEManchesterMiddlesex 
Hatfield IAFManchesterMiddlesex 
Moravia IAGManchesterMiddlesex 
Spaldings IAHManchesterMiddlesex 
Knockpatrick IAIManchesterMiddlesex 
 IAJManchesterMiddlesexcode not used
Plowden IAKManchesterMiddlesex 
Grove TownIALManchesterMiddlesex 
Porus IBManchesterMiddlesex 
May Hill ICManchesterMiddlesex 
Mile Gully IDManchesterMiddlesex 
Newport IEManchesterMiddlesex 
Asia IFManchesterMiddlesex 
Shooter's Hill IGManchesterMiddlesex 
Devon IHManchesterMiddlesex 
Christiana IHManchesterMiddlesex 
Alligator Pond IIManchesterMiddlesex 
 IJManchesterMiddlesexcode not used
Watson's Hill IKManchesterMiddlesex 
New Broughton ILManchesterMiddlesex 
Maidstone IMManchesterMiddlesex 
Victoria Town INManchesterMiddlesex 
Keynsham IOManchesterMiddlesex 
 IPManchesterMiddlesexLDR unknown
Christiana IQManchesterMiddlesex 
Davyton IRManchesterMiddlesex 
Harry Watch ISManchesterMiddlesex 
Old England ITManchesterMiddlesex 
 IUManchesterMiddlesexcode not used
Harmons IWManchesterMiddlesex 
Comfort Hall IXManchesterMiddlesex 
Craighead IYManchesterMiddlesex 
Banana Ground IZManchesterMiddlesex 
Black River KASt ElizabethCornwall 
PortseaKAASt ElizabethCornwall 
Munro College KABSt ElizabethCornwall 
Elderslie KACSt ElizabethCornwall 
Carisbrook KADSt ElizabethCornwall 
Bull SavannahKAESt ElizabethCornwall 
Junction KAFSt ElizabethCornwall 
Nain KAGSt ElizabethCornwall 
Aberdeen KAHSt ElizabethCornwall 
Top Hill KAISt ElizabethCornwall 
 KAJSt ElizabethCornwallcode not used
Brighton KAKSt ElizabethCornwall 
Giddy Hall KALSt ElizabethCornwall 
Kilmarnock KAMSt ElizabethCornwall 
Burnt Savannah KANSt ElizabethCornwall 
 KAOSt ElizabethCornwallLDR unknown
Goshen KAPSt ElizabethCornwall 
Cambridge KBSt ElizabethCornwall 
Cheltenham KCSt ElizabethCornwall 
Shaws KDSt ElizabethCornwall 
Lacovia KESt ElizabethCornwall 
SiloahKFSt ElizabethCornwall 
Balaclava KGSt ElizabethCornwall 
Santa CruzKHSt ElizabethCornwall 
SouthfieldKISt ElizabethCornwall 
 KJSt ElizabethCornwallcode not used
Pedro Plains KKSt ElizabethCornwall 
Newell KLSt ElizabethCornwall 
Williamsfield KMSt ElizabethCornwall 
MalvernKNSt ElizabethCornwall 
Mountainside KOSt ElizabethCornwall 
Lititz KPSt ElizabethCornwall 
Mulgrave KQSt ElizabethCornwall 
New Market KRSt ElizabethCornwall 
Springfield KSSt ElizabethCornwall 
Retirement KTSt ElizabethCornwall 
 KUSt ElizabethCornwallcode not used
Parottee KVSt ElizabethCornwall 
Pepper KWSt ElizabethCornwall 
Ginger Hill KXSt ElizabethCornwall 
Myersville KYSt ElizabethCornwall 
Brae's River KZSt ElizabethCornwall 
Savanna-la-Mar LAWestmorelandCornwall 
Grange Hill LBWestmorelandCornwall 
Bluefield LCWestmorelandCornwall 
St Paul's LEWestmorelandCornwall 
Petersfield LFWestmorelandCornwall 
Seaford Town LGWestmorelandCornwall 
St Peter's LHWestmorelandCornwall 
Bethel Town LIWestmorelandCornwall 
St John'sLIWestmorelandCornwall 
 LJWestmorelandCornwallcode not used
Sheffield LKWestmorelandCornwall 
Bigwoods LLWestmorelandCornwall 
Darliston LMWestmorelandCornwall 
Porter's Mountain LNWestmorelandCornwall 
Townhead LOWestmorelandCornwall 
Sutcliffe MountLPWestmorelandCornwall 
Friendship LQWestmorelandCornwall 
Ashton LRWestmorelandCornwall 
Cornwall Mountain LSWestmorelandCornwall 
Glenislay LTWestmorelandCornwall 
 LUWestmorelandCornwallcode not used
Beeston Spring LVWestmorelandCornwall 
Cave LWWestmorelandCornwall 
Negril LXWestmorelandCornwall 
Holly Hill LYWestmorelandCornwall 
Lucea MAHanoverCornwall 
Sandy Bay MBHanoverCornwall 
Flint River MBHanoverCornwall 
Green Island MCHanoverCornwall 
Riverside MDHanoverCornwall 
Ramble MEHanoverCornwall 
Chester Castle MFHanoverCornwall 
Mount Hannah MGHanoverCornwall 
Brownsville MHHanoverCornwall 
Church Hill MIHanoverCornwall 
 MJHanoverCornwallcode not used
Hopewell MKHanoverCornwall 
Gurney's Mount MLHanoverCornwall 
Askenish MMHanoverCornwall 
Cessnock MNHanoverCornwall 
Jericho MOHanoverCornwall 
Mount Peto MPHanoverCornwall 
Haddington MQHanoverCornwall 
Copse MRHanoverCornwall 
Montego Bay NASt JamesCornwall 
Mount Zion NAASt JamesCornwall 
Plum Park NABSt JamesCornwall 
Adelphi NBSt JamesCornwall 
Little River NCSt JamesCornwall 
Montpelier NDSt JamesCornwall 
Springfield NESt JamesCornwall 
Salter's Hill NFSt JamesCornwall 
Mount Horeb NGSt JamesCornwall 
Cambridge NHSt JamesCornwall 
Orange Hill NISt JamesCornwall 
 NJSt JamesCornwallcode not used
Maldon NKSt JamesCornwall 
Mocho NLSt JamesCornwall 
Catadupa NMSt JamesCornwall 
Vaughansfield NNSt JamesCornwall 
Reading NOSt JamesCornwall 
Sign NPSt JamesCornwall 
John's Hall NQSt JamesCornwall 
Lottery NRSt JamesCornwall 
Somerton NSSt JamesCornwall 
Hopeton NTSt JamesCornwall 
 NUSt JamesCornwallcode not used
Niagara NVSt JamesCornwall 
Bickersteth NWSt JamesCornwall 
Roehampton NXSt JamesCornwall 
Salt Spring NYSt JamesCornwall 
Mount Salem NZSt JamesCornwall 
Falmouth OATrelawnyCornwall 
Stewart Town OBTrelawnyCornwall 
Rio Bueno OCTrelawnyCornwall 
Ulster Spring ODTrelawnyCornwall 
Clark's Town OETrelawnyCornwall 
Bunker's Hill OFTrelawnyCornwall 
Deeside OGTrelawnyCornwall 
Duncan's OHTrelawnyCornwall 
Bellevue OITrelawnyCornwall 
Duanvale OITrelawnyCornwall 
 OJTrelawnyCornwallcode not used
Salt Marsh OKTrelawnyCornwall 
Bounty Hall OLTrelawnyCornwall 
Waldensia OMTrelawnyCornwall 
Lowe River ONTrelawnyCornwall 
Wait-A-Bit OOTrelawnyCornwall 
Albert Town OPTrelawnyCornwall 
Sawyer's Market OQTrelawnyCornwall 
Troy ORTrelawnyCornwall 
Jackson Town OSTrelawnyCornwall 
Warsop OTTrelawnyCornwall 
 OUTrelawnyCornwallcode not used
Rock Spring OVTrelawnyCornwall 
Quickstep OWTrelawnyCornwall 
Wakefield OXTrelawnyCornwall