Discover your ancestors who were buried in the Greater London area between 1399 and 1992. The Greater London burial index may reveal your relative’s name, age, occupation, religious denomination and where they were buried. Included in these records are those of George Wombwell, the famous Victorian menagerie exhibitor, who was buried in Highgate Cemetery in 1850. The Greater London Burial Index is a collection of the Middlesex Burials & Memorial Inscriptions, South London Burials Index 1545-1905 and City of London Burials 1754-1855.

The supplied year range represent the minimum and maximum years available. However, for some parishes, there may be gaps within the provided range.

Greater London Burial Index parish list

ParishYear fromYear toNumber of records
All Hallows Barking172618617798
All Hallows Bread Street153818513656
All Hallows Honey Lane15381851675
All Hallows Lombard Street155018533012
All Hallows London Wall175418492443
All Hallows Staining165318532986
All Hallows the Great166717544660
All Hallows the Great (including All Hallows the Less)175418532177
All Hallows the Less155818126484
Austin Friars Dutch Church1813185357
Battersea, St George the Martyr *New1830196919
Bermondsey, St James182918797633
Bermondsey, St Mary Magdalen15491932107723
Bethnal Green, St James the Great1846185456
Bethnal Green, St John1847185515
Bloomsbury Cemetery, Brunswick Square1732185943
Brentford, Albany Chapel17861856139
Bridewell Precinct18131844385
Brixton, St Matthew182518894454
Brompton Cemetery18241982288
Bunhill Fields1788185347621
Camberwell, Dulwich College Chapel161619802506
Camberwell, St George *New182419544853
Camberwell, St Giles176918126240
Camden Town, St Martin's Cemetery1812185111
Charterhouse Chapel169518541076
Christ Church Newgate Street *New17561812534
Christ Church Spitalfields1813185918641
Christchurch Greyfriars1639163997
City of London & Tower Hamlets cemetery *New1939196743
Clapham, Holy Trinity1555185415405
Clapham, St James, Clapham Park18291856121
Clerkenwell, St James1813185422606
Clerkenwell, St John1754185310621
Cockfosters, Christ Church1839186058
Croydon, Queen's Road Cemetery *New196119611082
Croydon, Salem Chapel *New1801184316
Deptford, Brockley Cemetery *New19591965751
East Bedfont162919552618
Edmonton and Tottenham Congregational Chapel1792182658
Edmonton, Weld Chapel169519031348
Enfield, St James183418661841
Fetter Lane Elim Chapel179118371889
Fetter Lane Independent1786180119
Fetter Lane Moravian17421857801
Finchley, Holy Trinity18491866407
Finsbury, St Barnabas18421854165
Finsbury, Worship Street Baptist Church17851837692
Foundling Hospital Chapel1751187150
Friern Barnet167418653411
Fulham, St Mary North End183618661956
Golden Lane Cemetery1833185317854
Great Queen Street Wesleyan Chapel1828183634
Great Stanmore160018954874
Hackney, Unitarian Church Cemetery *New18131974131
Hamburg German Lutheran Church at Holy Trinity The Less1813184735
Hammersmith, Old Cemetery *New181519983868
Hammersmith, St Peter18321869629
Hampton Hill, St James1864186780
Harrow, St Mary1653184010352
Hendon, Cemetery *New181819773849
Highgate Cemetery17931879592
Highgate, St Michael1637186055
Holy Trinity In The Minories175418521607
Holy Trinity The Less18081852491
Islington, Holy Trinity18291854178
Islington, St John18291854103
Kennington, St Mark182518425209
Kensington, St Barnabas1849185310
Lambeth Cemetery *New18291984798
Lambeth, St John The Evangelist, Waterloo1825189417163
Lincoln's Inn Fields Wesleyan Chapel Great Queen Street1828183634
Little Stanmore155818664264
Manor Park, City of London Cemetery *New19581959599
Mayfair Christ Church Down Street1862192518
Mercers' Hall181418337
Merton, Congregational Chapel *New181119538
Mill Hill, St Paul18421866306
Mitcham, Western Road *New198819888
Monken Hadley161918666175
Myddelton Square, St Mark18301856160
New Brentford157018127764
Newington, St Mary16201878102966
Northwood, Holy Trinity18541867144
Norwood Green165418122503
Norwood, St Mary the Virgin17831812551
Old Brentford, St George182818673930
Paddington, St John1833185482
Potters Bar, St John the Baptist18351860293
Rotherhithe, All Saints154519572589
Rotherhithe, Christ Church1840187773
Roxeth, Christ Church1864186624
Shoreditch, St James18411857132
South Mimms155818668656
Southall, St Bernard's Hospital Burial Ground *New18831884559
Southall, St John18601866792
Southwark Independent Chapel181318374603
Southwark, Dr Rogers Chapel17831792507
Southwark, St George The Martyr1784186831859
Southwark, St John, Horsleydown1733186534684
Southwark, St Olave1778185331152
Southwark, St Saviour1722185659186
Southwark, St Thomas1614185411479
Spa Fields Burial Ground1778184991232
St Alban, Wood Street *New1783184412
St Alban, Wood Street (including St Olave, Silver Street)175418511833
St Aloysius' Chapel, Somers Town180618553
St Alphage, London Wall18131851674
St Andrew By The Wardrobe172618522525
St Andrew Holborn17261929104685
St Andrew Hubbard16391836112
St Andrew Undershaft18081849632
St Andrew's Cemetery, Gray's Inn Road1755185521
St Ann, Blackfriars1726184911858
St Anne & St Agnes18131853568
St Antholin, Budge Row (inclding St John The Baptist On Walbrook) *New17481876784
St Augustine, Watling Street17541853808
St Bartholomew by the Royal Exchange17541852666
St Bartholomew The Great181318532205
St Bartholomew The Less154718488633
St Benet Fink153918453467
St Benet Gracechurch155817301881
St Benet Gracechurch (including St Leonard Eastcheap)17541853689
St Benet Paul's Wharf161918538182
St Benet Sherehog *New1629167122
St Botolph Billingsgate162918451164
St Botolph Without Aldersgate *New1726185333556
St Botolph Without Aldgate1767185322168
St Botolph Without Bishopsgate1753185528323
St Bride, Fleet Street *New1754185415189
St Christopher Le Stocks (see also St Margaret, Lothbury)17541781173
St Clement Dane1754189031882
St Clement, Eastcheap (including St Martin Orgar)17541853952
St Dionis Backchurch153818698063
St Dunstan in the East18131853933
St Dunstan in the West1726185610043
St Edmund the King and Martyr167018514171
St Ethelburga, Bishopsgate167218493423
St Faith under St Paul's164518532831
St Gabriel Fenchurch17541851659
St George Botolph Lane13971848848
St George Hanover Square, Bayswater Burial Ground *New17681969607
St George The Martyr1762185517318
St George The Martyr Cemetery, Brunswick Square17141851107
St Giles Without Cripplegate1754185351571
St Giles' Cemetery, King's Road1810185930
St Gregory By St Paul's172618215498
St Helen, Bishopsgate175418531581
St James Duke's Place *New17471853784
St James Garlickhythe18131853855
St James, Clerkenwell1754188135438
St John the Baptist, Walbrook162918122192
St John the Evangelist Friday Street *New16531849576
St John Zachary *New16651849925
St John's Wood Chapel1788187978
St John, Westminster17561852183
St Katharine By The Tower139918541089
St Katherine Coleman18131853694
St Katherine Creechurch163918531164
St Lawrence Jewry (including St Mary Magdalen, Milk Street)18001853346
St Lawrence Pountney17541850972
St Leonard Eastcheap153817522385
St Leonard Foster Lane16391808202
St Leonard Foster Lane & Christ Church Newgate Street181318361431
St Luke, Old Street1813185426769
St Magnus The Martyr (including St Margaret, Fish Street Hill)175418531152
St Margaret Lothbury (including St Christopher Le Stocks)17541853635
St Margaret Moses, Friday Street155818502028
St Margaret New Fish Street16291640104
St Margaret Pattens18131853139
St Martin Ironmonger Lane153917551232
St Martin Ludgate172618482072
St Martin Orgar162518122853
St Martin Outwich17541852495
St Martin Pomeroy, Ironmonger Lane *New17541847305
St Martin Vintry162918501415
St Mary Abchurch17541851712
St Mary Aldermanbury175418561627
St Mary At Hill18111854558
St Mary Bothaw153716531125
St Mary Colechurch15591666812
St Mary Le Bow17541852937
St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street154018534092
St Mary Mounthaw156818492497
St Mary Somerset *New1558196810434
St Mary Staining1629163110
St Mary Woolchurch Haw18131848101
St Mary Woolnoth18131852369
St Mary Woolnoth & St Mary Woolchurch Haw17541812980
St Marylebone, East Finchley Cemetery *New18561979655
St Matthew Friday Street153818463054
St Michael Bassishaw18131853332
St Michael Cornhill17541853975
St Michael Crooked Lane18131851415
St Michael Le Querne16291849436
St Michael Paternoster Royal17541850716
St Michael Queenhithe163919691496
St Michael Wood Street (including St Mary Staining)1813182077
St Mildred Bread Street162918531712
St Mildred Poultry (including St Mary Colechurch)17541852627
St Nicholas Acons154018482148
St Nicholas Cole Abbey17541851558
St Nicholas Olave170418521612
St Olave Hart Street175418532441
St Olave Old Jewry175418501098
St Olave Silver Street (see also St Alban Wood Street)17541812591
St Pancras Soper Lane153818491172
St Pancras, Camley Street Cemetery17022003391
St Pancras, Euston Road1803185629
St Paul's Cathedral17661853238
St Peter Cornhill154017746877
St Peter Le Poer17541853679
St Peter Paul's Wharf17261849956
St Peter Upon Cornhill18131853361
St Peter Westcheap1629184693
St Sepulchre without Newgate1754190456829
St Stephen Walbrook *New155717572995
St Stephen, Coleman Street181318531548
St Stephen, Walbrook (including St Benet Sherehog)175418601038
St Swithin London Stone *New17541812904
St Swithin London Stone (including St Mary Bothaw)18041853519
St Thomas Charterhouse18001854948
St Thomas the Apostle155818494695
St Vedast Foster Lane17541853947
Staines *New1538198216483
Staines, Quaker Burial Ground18331973140
Streatham Cemetery *New18351973515
Streatham Hill, Union Chapel18341856811
Tower Hamlets184118527598
Twickenham, Holy Trinity18481866857
Uxbridge Moor, St John the Evangelist18391866978
Uxbridge, Providence Church *New18001969365
Walham Green, St John18361853530
Walworth, St Peter1825189612046
Wandsworth, St Anne185018637
West Drayton157018663615
West Norwood Cemetery1837186525625
West Norwood, St Luke182518941384
West of London Cemetery *New1844188183
West Twyford1722187966
Whetstone, St John1835192224
Whitechapel, St Mary1813185719779
Whitton, St Philip and St James1862186632