20 questions to ask the family

20 questions to ask the family

Pen and paper at the ready? Let's go.

Step two: Ask your family these following 20 questions

Starting a family tree begins with family. Where better to get information about your nearest and dearest than straight from the horse's mouth? If your grandparents remember their great grandparents you've gone back four generations in one go. When you're piecing together a picture any titbit can help. These questions are just a guide but the next time you see your elderly relatives, take them on a trip down memory lane.

  1. What was their full name?
  2. Did they have a middle name or nickname that they preferred?
  3. When did they die? What was the cause of their death? Where were they buried?
  4. Were they married? If so, what was the name of their spouse? When and where did their spouse die?
  5. When and where did they marry? 
  6. Was this the only marriage for both parties?
  7. Where did they live?
  8. Did they have children? If so, what were their children's names?
  9. Did their children marry and where did or do they live? If they are deceased where and when did they die?
  10. What was their occupation? Where did they work?
  11. Did they serve in the military?
  12. Where and when were they born?
  13. What school or schools did they attend? 
  14. Did they attend university?
  15. Were they a member of a religious community, or parish? Which religious denomination were they?
  16. Do you have any documentation of their life, such as birth, marriage or death certificates, their Will or other written records?
  17. Do you have any photographs or newspaper clippings of them?
  18. Do you know anything about their physical appearance or accent?
  19. Would any other relatives have further information, memories, or records relating to them? 
  20. Has any relation ever tried to create a family tree before? Is there any information about their findings kept anywhere or by anyone that you know of?

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WATCH: Start your family tree WATCH: Start your family tree

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