1939 Register, in association with The National Archive

Winston L S Churchill on the 1939 Register

1939 Register Transcription

Churchill Household (9 People) City of Westminster, London, England

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First name(s) Last name(s) DOB Sex Occupation Marital status Schedule Schedule Sub Number
Winston L S Churchill 30 Nov 1874 Male 1st Lord Of The Admiralty Married 295 1
Clementine O Churchill 01 Apr 1885 Female Wife of Prime Minister (U.D.D) Married 295 2
Rose Ethel K Hill 24 Aug 1894 Female Personal Private Secretary Married 295 3
Mary T G Thompson 02 Sep 1907 Female Personal Private Secretary Single 295 4
Unknown Dawson 22 Oct 1912 Male Civil Secretary Single 295 5
Thomas S Barham 15 Sep 1900 Male Butler Single 295 6
Mary Donnelly 15 Sep 1909 Female Ladies Maid Single 295 7
Victoria J Parke 24 Aug 1907 Female Housemaid Single 295 8
Minnie Brady 27 Dec 1904 Female Cook Single 295 9

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